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Online portal

Once you have signed and returned your contract you will receive an email invite to Eagna’s online timesheet portal (

When you log in for the first time you will be required to provide the following:

  • Contact details
  • Emergency Contact
  • Tax file declaration
  • Superannuation details
  • Bank details

Weekly Timesheets

Every Monday before 12pm you are required to submit your timesheet on the Eagna timesheet portal
Steps to complete timesheet

Step 1

  • Hourly rate contractor: complete time worked in 24 hour format (eg 5pm = 17:00)
  • Daily rate contractor: complete time worked in days/ part day format
  • Submit completed timesheet (before Monday 12pm of following week)

Step 2

  • Once submitted, your timesheet is automatically sent to your manager for Authorisation
  • Once your manager has Authorised the timesheet you will receive a confirmation email
  • If your timesheet has not been authorised by Tuesday morning of the payroll week, a reminder will be sent to both you and your manager

NB It is your responsibility to ensure your manager authorises your timesheet

Step 3 (Eagna internal process)

  • Eagna will review your timesheet and mark it as Approved (this may be as late as Wednesday morning of the payroll week)


  • If you have planned leave please inform your Eagna consultant so we are aware you will not be submitting timesheets for that period
  • Should you be aware of any issues that would prevent your manager from authorising your timesheet

(e.g. Manager is on leave) you should email and CC your Eagna consultant ASAP.


  • All expenses must be pre-approved by your manager and authorised on the Eagna portal
  • To submit expenses there is a tab on the Eagna portal, all expense claims must be accompanied by a receipt
  • All authorised expenses will be paid in the fortnightly pay run


  • Payroll is processed fortnightly on a Wednesday (see payroll calendar for dates)
  • Please allow 24 hours for the funds to reach your account
  • Payslips will be sent by COB Wednesday of the pay week
  • Superannuation is paid quarterly (Eagna default fund is Australian Super)

Useful Links

Superannuation guide –
Tax calculator –