My imaginings of the ideal tech recruiter are embodied in Matt.

  • Thorough grasp of requirements, for both tech and culture fit.
  • Best-in-class ability to find and assess great candidates.
  • No pushy attempts to try and make a sale.

I always receive exemplary customer service from Eagna. Responsiveness, impressive speed to identify hard-to-find candidate types and no nonsense along the way. Matt’s candidate assessments are as insightful as they are frank.
This is tremendously valuable during selection processes. Matt chooses his colleagues as carefully as he does our candidates and keeps a keen eye on quality, thereby ensuring the service standard of the broader Eagna team.
Matt came highly recommended from an industry expert and my experience with Eagna has proven the merit of that recommendation.I have worked with Matt in a number of IT businesses and Eagna has demonstrated these same qualities over and over again.